Studio Glendor is an art direction duo based in Stockholm and Paris. Combining knowledge and experience from different areas of design the couple complete each other into a creative world of possibilities. Their focus is on creating strong visual concepts for international brands within fashion and lifestyle.  They deliver brand identities, campaign concepts, graphic design and motion driven content.


Since 2017 Studio Glendor is also art directors and graphic designers at Favorite Magazine,  an annual independent fashion magazine for photographers and stylists that want to create a difference with their work outside the commercial scene.


Their clients include H&M, Aéryne, The State, Difonis, Little Liffner, Furö Studios and Favorite Magazine.

Favorite magazine issue no.1

Favorite magazine is an independent fashion publication initiated by creative directors Hördur ingason and ellen lofts. Studio Glendor is overall responsible for the graphic design of the magazine. For the first issue the studio contributed with one editorial, which included art direction and production.

Contributing photographers

Axel Filip Lindahl, Emman Montalvan, Hans Neumann, Hördur Ingason, Jens Ingvarsson, Marc Hibbert, Mariya Pepelanova, Mattias Björklund, Melanie + Ramon, Philip Messmann, Sigurd GrÜnberger and Tung Walsh.

Contributing stylists

Anna Klein, Aeri Yun, Aurelia Donaldson, Benoit Bethume, Claudia Englmann, Ellen Lofts, Maiken Winther, Mar Peidro, Martina Almquist, Oliver Fussing, Taylor Mcneill and Tereza Ortiz.